Field Trip.......yeay?

So last Friday we went on field trip, I had forgotten how joyous these occasions can be!  Oye-Vay!

We went to see Mrs. Bunny and the Library.  I am not sure how the kids felt, but she scared the dickens out of me!  She told stories , did magic tricks , and gave out candy followed by an parade of children hopping like bunnies.  They loved it, she still scared me.

The children thought it was the best day least Im glad that all effort was at least appreciated. Getting in the van, strapping in, getting out, counting heads, counting heads, taking roll, and more counting heads.  Staff had lunch waiting for them when we arrived back at the school, it was a nice thank you for the  hard work.  All is well that ends well.  :)

What do you think scary?  LoL  (she was actually delightful, but she did freak me out a bit)

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