About Me

About Me

About me.....personally

My and my boys
My personal life is super busy. I enjoy most every moment, even the crazy ones! I have 3 children of which two are grown (25, 19, 12) and one granddaughter (7 months old!) My mother is a very important part of our life and we love when she spends the night! My life just would be so much harder without her. We also have two dogs and all these living things keep me very busy.   We like to spend time together when not on the go watching our newest series (currently it is Wayward Pines), binge watching on I.D  and Food Network, and playing games, crafting , and planning family events and get together parties.  This year we are hosting both Halloween and Christmas Eve, it is going to be a chaos fun filled time for all!

My precious granddaughter
My mom and my boys
My son and daughter

 About me
                     Things I like to do....

Cooking for parties!
Web Design
Making Costumes                                                               
Crafting and Sewing
Creating Teacher Materials

 About Me

              My Education.....

I have a Child Development Associates and ECE Credential.  I also have a Masters of Religion and Theology.  I did not think I would go back to school, now that my children are older, I find myself pursuing my Doctorate in Ministry and Bachelors in Early Childhood Program Training and Administration.  For me learning never stops, it is a life long  pursuit.

About Me

My Career in Early Education........

My journey in early education began in 1992.  I have 25 years experience along with training and formal education. I have grown so much as a teacher since the early 90's as has philosophies in early education.  I have worked in public, private, charter, and faith based school. I have served as library teacher in a historic school library, and even as acting school nurse!  Currently I am the Honors Pre-K Kindergarten Transitions class teacher as well a staff trainer and CDA Instructor.  I am a very busy gal and love every moment of it, even the snot on my shoes moments!

About Me

A few odd facts.....

I love coffee.....adore it all sorts, kinds, brews, and flavors
I make tutus
I am passionate about traiing and curriculum  (love it)
I vape
I study world religion
I am a certified aromatherapist and herbologist
I love the ocean
I love Autumn
there is more but not for here....LoL

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