Oh No!

The conference was inspiring as usual, although I did feel some of the sessions only offered "dry" workshops, session 1 & 3 were very regulation bases.  2 & 4 had some great workshops.

I have discovered Enrique C. Feldman...OMG what an amazing man! His philosophies are awesome! He uses music in reading, story telling, and redirecting energy for the kiddos.  We, me and my daughter who was recently promoted to Lead for Two's also attended a puppet workshop.  Well , put it this way, I came home and spent a chunk of money on books, music, and puppets....gads..I was in the zone.  Now I cant wait to get my goodies.

Great vendors, lots of free stuff and important information. And I purchased 6 raffle tickets , 3 for me and 3 for my daughter.  She won!  A nice Lakeshore bag filled with goodies for her class.  She is doing automobiles now, and she also acquired a cardboard firetruck that is the little ones can get inside , they will love it.

We had lunch, talked , laughed, learned , and spent some quality time, it was GREAT!

I went  What I purchased.

Bee Puppet 

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