Im Back!!! Woot Woot

So, after my debacle with the "center" last year, I swore of teaching for good.  I have been working from home in the IT world for Apple.  After a year of dealing with angry people, technical issues, and the isolation working form home involved I was craving to back into what I love.  Teaching!

I have decided to give it another go, this time I have tried my best to do my homework and accepted a postilion and what appears to be a early learning center.  I have accepted a Lead Mentor Teacher role and will  be working with Pre-k kiddos.  They use emergent curriculum and are part of Quality First with a 3 star rating!

I am both excited and anxious as it was made clear to me that class is need of some direction. Sounds like a challenge, and I sure hope I am up to the job! LoL

So, here I go again,  putting hopes into crayons and finger paints!  Keep up with me as I progress on this journey.

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